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    Var dan da yoktan da öte bir VAR vardır Yenilgi yenilgi büyüyen bir ZAFER vardır...

  • Alexa Clark

    Alexa Clark

    social entrepreneur, author, chief CheapEater, photographer & social media addict. Also @ceto @ceot @secretpickle & part of @hohoto

  • Fred Allen

    Fred Allen

    Master Electrician and Licensed Electrical Contractor - Making Connections

  • Marc Boucher

    Marc Boucher

    Entrepreneur, software engineer, technologist, author & publisher, I'm CEO @SpaceRef & Executive Director at the CSCA @CanadianSpace.

  • Lucas Wilk

    Lucas Wilk

    Digital disruption in all its forms. And a bit of footy too.

  • ePublish Yourself

    ePublish Yourself

    News and trends for authors who want to write and publish their own ebooks

  • Mery Ward

    Mery Ward

    Leo, como, duermo.

  • Charlotte Szivak

    Charlotte Szivak

    Soul Ignitor, Intuitive Healer, Alchemist, Writer, Producer, Radio Show Host, Journey Leader, Spokesperson, Media Personality, Inspirational Speaker & Yogini

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